Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fabulous February Festivities

OMGosh...we all had such a great time at Mindy's house {thank you Mindy for being such a gracious hostess, and allowing this rowdy bunch to invade your home}!!
First off we ate...yummy. Look at this beautiful fruit bunch {brought by Lucia}.
And the rest of our goodies....appitizers....taquitos, dips, chips, pinwheels, OH MY!!

Meet Amanda...our newest member! She is my personal friend...and she is a bubbly, smiley bundle of joy! Glad she was able to join us for a while.

Gretchen minus Sullivan {we missed the little cutie pie!}.

Ashlee and Mindy....I mean really? Could they BE ANY CUTER? pretty!

Cathy joining in on the fun...let me tell you...she is a hoot!!

We finished our dinner up with cookies from McKinley's!! Melt in your mouth goodness.

Vicki joined in on the fun!!

And the fun begins...with this game:Connexxions Chatagories!! We had so much fun learning about each other. The subject was "jobs" and boy did everyone share their own interesting stories!! Teehee!

And here is Karen....funny, crazy Karen!! {love you girl!}

So after playing the game we have so much blackmail on each is not even funny!!!
And now on to what I like to call "ENOUGH SAID":
Sexiest Armpits
Lubricated or Ribbed Condoms?
Soda/Ice cream girl at a Walgreens up north
She's a hoarder...don't go near her drawers or stationary
and last but not least....Herman's on the floor!
cottage cheese...really, enough said.
cleaning up grown lady's urine
golf cart racing down the streets of downtown Fort Worth at 3am
Ashley (me):
death on my watch...enough said
8 years to figure out he was the wrong guy
Burger King run....pregnant and wanting FOOD!
head nurse
sowed herself some wild oats bartending
Tron...enough said!

As you can tell we had a great time together....wink, wink!!

We missed the lovely ladies that couldn't join us.. {hint hint, Tara, Bekka...and the rest of you girls}!! We hope you can make it next time for a rocking party at Vicki's house!!
Until then...

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