Friday, January 14, 2011

January Gathering

We will be meeting this coming Monday January 17th at 6:30pm at

Karen Hamilton
6251 Sika Deer Run

Can't wait to see everyone!! Also if you know anyone in the neighborhood who has not attended or does not know about the GNO, please pass the word on to them!! We'd love to have more members!! Have a great weekend ladies!! Whoop!

Member Addresses

As to not have too much personal info on the blog, we will keep the list of names, addresses and phone numbers available only through email. If you do not have a current list of members email one of the following and we will send you the updated list!!

Ashlee Szymanski
Ashley Tremaine
Karen Hamilton

{The week before each gathering we will post the address of where we will be meeting.}

December GNO

We gathered at Tara's house in December. Everyone brought yummy desserts to share, and Tara provided delicious snacks for all of us! The girls sat around and chatted a while and we really got to know more about each other! Did you know we have two 60 year young ladies in our group? They are both awesome! After eating a having a little nip of some adult beverages, we began to play a rousing game of Chinese Christmas!!

Ashlee was first...lucky duck!!

Karen and Sherry were anxiously awaiting their turn!!

Vicki enjoyed figuring out how to put her beautiful gift together!!

And the "most stolen" gift was first opened by Mindy!! A warm head wrap! Didn't she look super cute in it? (and I have it on good authority that, although she lost this one and was very broken up about it, she did receive one for Christmas!!}

Tara's pup...who would not leave one of the presents alone!! I wonder what was in that certain present...hmmm!!

Sweet Sherry opening her beautiful candle holder!

Dalilia eying her prize!!

Tara got the cutest boots!!

And here is you think she was excited by her gift? I think so!!

Showing off her new bottle of wine...and of course she "says" she isn't a lush...hmmm!!
Love you Karen!

Gretchen and SWEET BABY Sullivan!! He is so well-behaved and is always smiling!

And so the stealing begins....Noemi stole the head wrap from Mindy and kept it for herself!! Oooo, love this!!

After getting her wrap stolen Mindy moved on to another present. It had a ball in it {which is what the pooch was trying so desperately to get to earlier!!} and a yummy candle!!

And I got a wonderful gift...a new Christmas floor rug!!

Had to sneak in another shot of the pup!! So sweet!

Lucia stole the head wrap from Noemi {no picture of that unfortunately!} and then it was stolen one last time by Ashlee!! We enjoyed watching them steal back and forth!!

We all had a blast and want to thank Tara for hosting our rowdy group!!
We look forward to getting together in January 2011!!

Your Information

Just wanted to have a running list of our members
names, age, birth dates and Facebook name:
{I can edit to add names and info as we get more members.}

Noemi, 37, 1/14, Noemi Espinoza
Dalilia, 27, 7/23 {got to get her on FB! ha!}
Karen, 60, 11/5, Karen Gibbons Hamilton Stringer Davanay (wow...she must be important!! ha!}
Sherry 60, 5/9 {also need to get her on FB!}
Tara, 35, 11/1, Tara Wooniak-Williams
Mindy, 28, 6/30, Mindy Pleasants Ford
Vicki, 46, 10/31, Vicki Grimaldo McAdams
Gretchen, 36, 8/29, Gretchen Gause
Lucia, 31, 6/27, Lucykurtis Wilkes
Janice, 45, 11/23, Janice Congress
Cathy, 48, 7/27, Cathy D. Porter
Ashlee, 29, 3/8, Ashlee Szymanski
Ashley, 32, 4/9, Ashley King Tremaine

Leave a comment to be added or if I have your info wrong!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome Ladies!!

This is the official blog for the Girls of Boswell Ranch!!

For those just starting to join our group you can find all the details about the group here!!

We usually meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30pm. We join together at each others homes or we go out! Our group met for the first time in October 2010. We had a blast getting to know each other and learning details about our fun neighbors!!

If you have any questions
contact us at:

Ashlee Szymanski #253-279-5746
Ashley Tremaine #817-897-2992

We are so excited to get to know you and look forward to seeing you at the
Boswell Ranch Girls Night Out!!