Friday, April 29, 2011

April Showers

In April we gathered at our local Applebees!! Unfortunately we didn't have as many women come as we would have liked, but the few of us that were there had a great time enjoying the delicious food and atmosphere!!

Sweet Karen...she is the life of the party!!

Beautiful Ashlee...

Very pregnant Lucy, and we were happy to have Karen's daughter Crescinda join us as well!!

Ashley #2..

Cathy showing off her mini dessert...

And while we did have yummy dinners, they couldn't even begin to compare to the desserts.
Just take in all the heavenly goodness:

Next month we will be at Cathy Porter's house.
It will be a Luau wear your hula skirt and coconut bra and join us for some yummy pig!!! We will get more food details to you later!
We will be having a plant/flower exchange as well...the price limit is $5.00!!

Thanks ladies for your commitment to the group!! We appreciate you making this a priority and joining us for eats and laughs each month!!

March Madness

Our March get-together was held at Vicki's house...and we all had a

We played our "girlie" game...and ate LOTS of GOOD food!!


Bekka showing Maddie the deer head....

lots of talkin' goin' on....

F.u.n.n.y Cathy filling us in on her crazy thief of a neighbor!!

Okay...Mindy, don't kill me for his picture because I am just LOVING IT!! Mindy was in charge of the game and that girl is strict!! Hahaha!! She is a wonderful game hostess!! Should we call her Vanna White??

Lucy and Gretchen enjoying the comfy couch!

We thank you Vicki for opening up your home to us!

Monday, April 18, 2011

April @Applebees!!

I can't believe it is already GNO again!! Yay!!
This month we are meeting at Applebees in Lake Worth
@7pm for Drinks/Dinner/Desserts
..or whatever you would like to have!!!

So hoping to see everyone tonight!!

{I will try to post pics from last GNO soon...sorry.}